Bristle-Vibrator Type BAG

for bristle-bundles, round- and flat-brushes, ceiling brushes, vibrator box, forming tool for bundle-production, etc.

  • Each device exists of 1, 2 or 3 electromagnetic vibrators (individually operable) as well as of a voltage variable transformer to adjust the intensity.
  • The support rings are equipped with 4 positioning pins, which are adjustable to the diameter of the bristle-bundles and can be tipped up when not in use or when taking out the bundles.


  • maximum economy
  • high flexibility
  • simple operation
  • high capacity
  • production security
  • very low cleaning time

Technical data

Diameter of the vibrator plates 180 mm
Diameter of the bristle bundle max. 140 mm
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Voltage regulating transformer 0 - 100%
Connecting cable w/protected earth plug length: 3 m
Weight BAG-1R: 17 kg
BAG-2R: 26 kg
BAG-3R: 35 kg