Round-off-Machine Type MAR

for the production of foam paint rollers

From the magazine or from the automatic roller supply the foam rollers are supplied to the machine there the rollers are rounded-off either frontal, bow-sided or double-sided, afterwards the finished rollers are ejected.


  • maximum economy
  • high flexibility
  • simple operation
  • high capacity
  • production security
  • very low change-over time

Technical data

Capacity up to 2000 rollers per hour with 2 bevelling aggregates
up to 2500 rollers per hour with 4 bevelling aggregates
Roller dimensions diam. 35 mm*
length 50 mm bis 160 mm**
Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz
Control pulse motor control with PLC and touch screen
Air supply 6 bar

* different diameters upon demand
**depending on the design of the machine and the round-off-radius