Mixing, Metering & Dispensing Machine Type MUD

for two-component systems

By means of two precision gear pumps the machine meters the pre-set mixing ratio by a chain-drive. The flow rate is infinitely variable by means of adjusting the no. of revolutions on the frequency converter and by adjusting the cycle time in the electronic control.

3 operation modes are available

  • Constant operation (machine dispenses component A and B as long as the foot switch is actuated).
  • Step by step operation (machine dispenses one shot and then stops, after actuating the foot switch or receiving an external signal).
  • Interval operation (machine dispenses a mixture of component A and B then pauses, then dispenses again, alternative-ly in shots with adjustable intervals as long as the foot switch is actuated).

The safety device automatically starts the metering after the pot time (metering and pot time are adjustable).


  • maximum economy
  • high flexibility
  • simple operation
  • high capacity
  • production security
  • very low cleaning time
  • no solvents required for cleaning
  • service free rotary current motor
  • mixing head with membrane seals
  • spiral mixing tube
  • transportable
  • optional: heating for hoses, containers, pumps, pressure/vacuum containers, filling level control with capacitive sensors, mixing propeller, circulation housing, dynamic mixing head

Technical data

Flow rate 0,2 - 2000 g/min**
Minimum 0,02 g/shot
Content of container (V2A) component A and B 10 / 30 / 90 l
Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz
Total connected load 0,75 KW
Air supply 6 bar
Air consumption 0,3 l per shot with a 3,0 second cycle
Dimension length: 840 mm
width: 600 mm
height: 1400 mm
Hose heating set (1,7 m) with thermostat 200 W

* depending on mixing relation and viscosity